Inspiring Filipino Excellence with Mike Grogan author of "The Rise of the Pinoy" | Creating a First-World Philippines in our lifetime | Best of You | World-Class Filipino

Mike Grogan is an International Speaker and Best-Selling Author who believes in the Genius of the Filipino. As a Lean Management Expert, Irish native Mike has traveled to 39 countries but he believes that there is something very special about the Pinoy. So far in 2016, in partnership with People Dynamics, Mike has delivered 150+ talks, training sessions and seminars all across the Philippines
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Inspiring Filipino Excellence with Mike Grogan author of "The Rise of the Pinoy" | Creating a First-World Philippines in our lifetime | Best of You | World-Class Filipino




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Mar 20, 2017

Join us in this podcast episode where Mike sat down with Danny Moran in his very own successful restaurant  Amici. They talked about the journey behind Danny Moran’s successful run in his venture and what made him decide to leave his promising professional life behind and be an entrepreneur. And also find out how Philippine Mango helped Danny in one of the most challenging parts of his business life.

Mar 2, 2017

The Philippines has a long history with colonizers. From the Spaniards in the 16th century to the Americans after the Philippine Revolution to the Japanese in World War II. So while we're welcoming to foreigners who come to visit the country for a holiday, we're wary of those who decide to stay and explore opportunities in the country. It's inevitable to think that they're here to exploit our resources and get rich off our backs.

Such is the challenged faced by English journalist Tom Graham when he decided to extend his stay in the Philippines. Inspired by Gawad Kalinga Founder Tony Meloto, Tom ditched the shirt and tie and spent a few months living and working with poor people in various GK communities. There he discovered the genius of the Filipino people and fell in love with the country.

Now, Tom is a social entrepreneur and is the co-founder of a Mad Travel, a social tourism company with a mission to help end poverty in the Philippines by 2024. At a time when Filipinos are leaving the country to migrate and work abroad, you're probably wondering what keeps Tom here. Why does he keep on coming back to the GK Enchanted farm every week? What does he see that millions of OFWs don't? Let's all find out in this interview.

Feb 13, 2017

You know at least one person like this. This may even be you.

A person who's going through the motions of living. Waking up every morning, dragging himself/herself to work, coming in late most of the time. Someone who's so unmotivated that work becomes a prison he/she seeks to escape from the moment that secondhand declares it's 5PM. Someone who finds no sense of fulfillment or happiness from their career.

Our guest for today, author and motivational speaker JB Borromeo, was such a person. He used to have a lucrative job as an IT professioal working for one of the top companies in the country. It was a job that offered security, stability and luxury. By all appearances, he should be happy and content.  

But JB was not happy. After five years of working 8 to 10 hours a day in a a high-stress environment, he felt that he has had enough. He needed to break free from the daily humdrum even at the risk of going broke. He left his job in search of a mission and found it in the underrated world of the academe as an educator. Now, he's purpose is to help his fellow Filipinos break free from the chains of convention that bind them so that they can become the best version of themselves and live their best life.

What's it like to take to make that career change? How did JB deal with the negativity that surrounded his decision? Let's find out in this interview.

Dec 29, 2016

For Filipinos, a diploma holds a certain kind of power. It opens up a lot of opportunities and is considered key to a good, if not better, life. That's why when Alvie Benitez informed his grandparents that he will be dropping out of college after failing his thesis, he heard the longest string of Spanish bad words in his life. To say that he encountered strong opposition from his close family and friends would be an understatement.

A man with weaker conviction would have caved in and pursued the path that countless others have followed before him. But not Alvie. Despite the naysayers, he dropped out and searched for a purpose. It led him to Gawad Kalinga's Enchanted Farm in Bulacan where he is now raising ducks with other poor farmers under his social enterprise One Hundred Ducks, Inc. The company produces and sells 100% premium, healthy, and ethical duck products that are not only delicious but world class.

What made Alvie trade his diploma for ducks? Where does he find the inspiration to continue pursuing his purpose despite all the challenges of being a social entrepreneur? Listen and find out in this interview.

Dec 21, 2016

Picture this. You’re in your 30s living in San Francisco in an apartment that is your source of pride and joy. You have a supportive network of family and friends around you as well as a dream job with great employers. There’s really nothing else you could want. You love your life.

Now, think about giving all of these up. Would you?

Our guest for this episode Marie Cavosora, founder and CEO of CalaBoo, did. She sold her apartment to live in an urban ashram with just a tent and a yoga mat to sleep on. She then decided to go on a prolonged leave from work and went on a quest for spirituality and self-discovery.

Why did she do it? What did she find in her quest? What has she learned in her journey? Let’s find out together in this interview.

Dec 14, 2016

With the current political climate, many Filipinos abroad are feeling hopeless for the Philippines. They'd rather stay abroad and, if possible, migrate with their family, believing that a better life awaits them in a foreign country.

Not Dr. Cris Enriquez.

Recognized as the only medical doctor in the world who trained and specialized in four different medical specialties, Dr. Cris decided to move back to the Philippines after living and practicing medicine in the US for 50 years. He started Rapha Health Institute, a medical practice that combines western, alternative and complementary medicine to prevent and reverse diseases, and authored several books on health and other subjects. Now, he's focusing his attentions to helping Filipinos find opportunities in the Philippines so they can have long, prosperous lives.

What made Dr. Cris come back? Listen and find out!

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Dec 14, 2016

After a long hiatus, we're back with a better and more inspiring podcast for Filipinos all over the world! Listen and find out what you can expect in "The Rise of the Pinoy Podcast."

Aug 5, 2016

You were not put in this world to please everybody and neither should you try to do so. But how should deal with criticisms from other people? How can you cope with all the negativity thrown your way? Mike has advice for you in this episode.

Jul 14, 2016

Small, daily dose of changes can be the key to your success. How? Mike explains in this extract from sixth chapter of his book "The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos." This book is now available at all Fully-Booked branches in Metro Manila and Amazon. Grab your copy now!

LISTENING TIME: 5 minutes, 35 seconds

Jul 7, 2016

Embracing your pain will qualify you to become of service to more people. How? Mike explains in this quick reading from  the fifth chapter of his book "The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos." This book is now available at all Fully-Booked branches in Metro Manila and Amazon. Grab your copy now!

Jun 29, 2016

“You may find your best friend or your worst enemy in yourself.”
– English Proverb


“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.”
– Buddha


“Your worst enemy is hiding within yourself, and that enemy is your nafs or false ego.”


“Self-mastery is the challenge of transforming yourself from own worst enemy into your greatest ally.”
Wes Fesler


Keep this quotes in mind as you listen to Mike read an excerpt from the fourth chapter of his book“The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos.” This book is now available at all Fully-Booked branches in Metro Manila and Amazon. Grab your copy now!

Jun 9, 2016

What motivates you? Do you have the right motivation? Ponder on these two questions and more as you listen to Mike read an excerpt from the third chapter of his book "The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos." This book is now available at all Fully-Booked branches in Metro Manila and at Amazon. Grab your copy now!

Jun 1, 2016
Many life coaches tell us to follow our dreams. However, following your dreams can be dangerous as Mike explains in this special, six-minute episode of the Best of You podcast. This episode is part 2 of a special 7-episode series featuring extracts from Mike's soon-to-be released book "The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos."
May 28, 2016

We are dedicating this episode to the men and women behind May we continue to inspire each other to excellence. We have a long way to go before we reach our targets but we're going to get there! 

This episode is part 1 of a special 7-episode series featuring extracts from each of the chapters in Mike's upcoming book "The Rise of the Pinoy: 7 Powerful Lessons of Success from 21 World-Class Filipinos."

May 13, 2016

Robin Williams. Alexander McQueen.Kurt Cobain. Ernest Hemingway. What do these people have in common?

For one, they’re all considered icons in their chosen fields. Williams was an award-winning actor, McQueen was named British designer of the year for four times, Cobain was a rockstar and Hemingway was a literary genius. All of them are successful and, by all appearances, seem to be doing what they were born to do. Yet, they chose to end their lives.


Our guest for today, Marianne Mencias, may have an answer for us. A sought-after inspirational speaker,  Marianne says that it’s not enough to be successful. If you’re not living true to your purpose, if you’re not following God’s will, you will still be miserable and have an unhappy life.

Marianne is also the author of the book “What’s Your Life’s Masterpiece.” Hers is a book filled with stories of world-class Filipinos who love what they do and are living a full, joyful life. What’s the key to their success? What’s the secret to their happiness? Marianne breaks it down for us in this beautiful interview filled with wisdom and practical tips on how you can become the best of you.

May 6, 2016

Lloyd Luna is a firm believer in the power of following one’s passion. In respect to his parents’ wishes, Lloyd finished a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. After graduation, he decided to follow his gifting as a master communicator instead of pursuing a mediocre career as an engineer. After several years as a newspaper columnist, he became a serial entrepreneur. He founded his first company in 2005: Lloyd Luna Communications, a provider of digital marketing and business development services. He has five other businesses, including a tutorial center and a string quartet.

Lloyd is best known as a motivational speaker and personal development teacher, with a total audience of over half a million people in his career. His television show, “Creative Business,” airs on the Global News Network and features fun-filled interviews with top entrepreneurs. He is also a prolific author with 11 books to date; his works “Is There a Job Waiting for You?” and “Why Good People Fail” are bestsellers. Want to know more about this man of many talents? Enjoy his sense of humor and business advice by listening to this podcast.

Apr 27, 2016

Do you think you are healthy? Mike certainly thought so until he met Chad Davis of “Primed for Your Life”. Chad convinced Mike to “go primed” at the start of 2016 and Mike has never been the same since. Listen to Mike’s health transformation story and the extraordinary benefits you can achieve by making small changes in what you eat. Live Better. Live Longer. This 12minute episode is a game changer.

Mar 9, 2016

“Getting fit” and “losing weight” are very popular New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, these vows are also the ones that are most commonly broken. If you are struggling to be the “best of you” physically, Chad Davis can help. A wellness coach and triathlete, Chad shares tips for achieving a healthy lifestyle in his blog,

Originally from Australia, Chad and his wife Natasha brought their kids to the Philippines over a decade ago to get a taste of the international life - and decided to stay.  Chad’s fitness advocacy dovetails nicely with his career in the local hospitality industry, working with companies such as Shangri-La (Makati and EDSA) and Resorts World. Listen to his inteview and find out how you too can be primed so you can live longer and healthier.

Feb 18, 2016

Rags to riches is an accurate description of Arthur Tugade’s life story. He grew up in a squatters’ area called Tatalon Estates. Despite his impoverished background, Art was able to finish Law at San Beda College thanks to his parents’ self-sacrifice and a scholarship.

After founding Perry's Holding Corporation, Art has turned his attention to public service and is now the president and CEO of the Clark Development Corporation (CDC), the organization responsible for managing the real estate of the former US base. He is credited for turning the organization around and the explosive growth of the Clark Freeport Zone in recent years.

Recently, he and his leadership team won the 2015 Asia CEO Award the Executive Leadership of the Year.  

Listen to the inspiring story of Art! 

Feb 4, 2016

Why would a successful businessman from Australia want to become a Filipino citizen? Peter Wallace has spent decades in the Philippines, longer than 70% of the country’s young population. A former cadet engineer, Peter first came to the country in 1975 to put up a factory for an American multinational company. In 1982, he established The Wallace Business Forum, a company which has given advisory services to over 150 corporations and aid agencies in the country. His company has been consulted by the Philippine government on foreign investment and policies affecting business.

Peter is also involved in socio-civic pursuits such as the Caliraya Lake Conservation Society and ATRIEV (Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired). His opinion column “Like It Is” is published weekly in the Philippine Daily Inquirer and provokes debate on current issues. He and his wife Estee are also avid yachters and wish to spend the rest of their lives in the Philippines. Listen to this interview with Peter about his momentous decision and the vision he has for his adopted country.

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Jan 28, 2016

To have a more productive and fulfilling life, you need to learn to say NO to a lot of things that take away from your time and the things you should be doing to become the best version of you. It could be as simple as saying NO to adding an email app on your phone or as difficult as saying NO to coffee with friends. Thus, in this episode Mike Grogan shares with you five things that you can STOP doing now so you can focus on what you're doing, be more productive, and improve your quality of life. Listen and take action!



Jan 20, 2016

In the second part of his interview, Marvin de Leon of Freelance Blend talks about the benefits of freelancing, particularly on family life. He also offers advice on how to deal with negativity and forgiveness.

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Jan 20, 2016

In this interview, Marvin de Leon of Freelance Blend recounts his journey as a corporate man to a freelancer. Listen to find out what finally pushed him to take the leap and leave high-paying job and start from the bottom. A highly-recommended episode for those who are trapped in jobs they hate.

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Dec 3, 2015

What's the first thing that you should say to yourself when you wake up? Lean leadership trainer and inspirational speaker Mike Grogan shares a simple yet powerful morning affirmation that will help you make the most out of your day. Make this your daily habit and you'll see massive change in your life!

Nov 20, 2015

A great way to start your meetings, whether formal or informal, is with the concept of gratitude. Lean Leadership trainer and transformational teacher Mike Grogan shares questions that you can ask your attendees so that they feel this emotion at the start of your meeting and be positive for the duration of it.

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